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Courses to renew or gain your unarmed security guard license. Get training from top professionals and start making money as an security guard in just 1 week!

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Looking to start your career as an armed security guard? Maybe just looking to renew your current license. Our classes can get you started today!

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Start Your Career As A Illinois Security Guard

Illinois is a growing state and with so many metropolitan areas it’s no wonder there’s such a need for licensed armed and unarmed security guards here. If you’re looking for the best security guard training all over Illinois, contact a Security Guard Exchange training center near you today. We know what you need to get licensed faster, easier, and more efficiently and we’ll help you every step of the way.

No matter what your security goals are, from obtaining an armed or unarmed security guard license to beefing up your resume for that promotion, we’ve got the courses you need. Whether it’s getting your CCW license, learning some self-defense techniques or just sharpening your technical skills, Security Guard Exchange centers have a wide variety of classes at prices you can manage and there are facilities all across Illinois so you’re never far from the best security training available.

Local Illinois Security Guard Classes

Our training facilities are staffed with the most professional, highly-trained instructors in the industry and that’s what sets them apart. We don’t just herd our students in and out like cattle, we make sure they understand the concepts and get the best training possible for the job or position they’re after. If it’s in-depth, hands on training you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’ve still got questions about what class will entail or even which courses you need to take, call us today – one of our certified security experts is happy to answer all your questions.

If you think a job in the growing, fast-paced industry of security may be a good fit for you, contact us now. We can get you licensed and help you with post-graduation job placement in your area…our network of professional, governmental and private sector employers gets you working sooner. When you decide it’s time to make a change and get started on the path to a stable, good paying career in security, let us help.

Everywhere in Illinois, from Chicago all the way to Aurora, our students are raving about our professional training centers. Whether you have questions about how licensing works or you want to get started with courses, call us now to get the ball rolling. We’ll get you from the classroom to the gun range to the tactical training studio and everywhere in between and have you out and licensed in record time!

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